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Tinker and test in an entirely new, show-stopping way with this amazing lab!

For while Glen Mc Iver appeared to be an upstanding member of the community he was actually spending hours poring over disgusting child sexual abuse images and compiling a library of them.

The notion of retraining Appalachia’s entire displaced coal workforce seems at best ambitious.

But a large helping of entrepreneurial spirit could just make it happen.

The Government’s War on Botnets A prolific botnet has fallen.

Following the arrest of Russian hacker Peter Levashov in Spain over the weekend, the Justice Department announced that the FBI is dismantling the Kelihos botnet that he controlled. government is doubling down on one of the most pernicious cyber threats of the day—but it still has plenty of work to do. energy-related CO2 emissions fell by 1.7 percent in 2016—the second year they’ve fallen, and part of a decade-long trend.

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The army of weaponized computers, at times numbering 100,000 devices, was rented out to criminals who wanted to steal login details, send spam e-mail, and perform ransomware attacks. Energy Industry CO2 Emissions Continue to Fall Electricity production is getting greener. The reason, says the Energy Information Administration: decreased use of coal, increased use of renewables and shale gas, and warmer weather that led to reduced power demands.