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A separate message includes a list of Jewish communities in Britain, according to Foreign Desk News.The second posting comes with a picture of Amedy Coulibaly.ISIS fanatics have issued a chilling call for fellow extremists to 'terrorise' Jewish communities in the West.

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The terrifying call to arms emerged on an ISIS-linked Telegram channel called Lone Mujahid - a chat room where aspiring terrorists are encourage to carry out 'lone-wolf'-style attacks.

ISIS fanatics have urged fellow extremists to disguise themselves as Jews and 'terrorise' their communities in the West.

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The message, on an ISIS-linked Telegram channel, also used a picture of Amedy Coulibaly (above) who attacked a Jewish supermarket in Paris In a recent post, jihadists were urged to carry out attacks on Jewish communities in the West. Make sure you have plenty of weapons under you coat!

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