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When Skype launched the ambitious service, we were prepared for regular mishaps -- it's a machine learning system, and needs more people to use it in order to improve and limit these mistakes.

Three Korean League of Legends pros issued apologies following a social media uproar regarding a joke about prostitution made in an on-stream chat more than a year ago.

“I knew that my agency would be so happy if I shot with him, which was the only reason I went along with it,” she says.

Anyone trying to operate the video chat service in China will have experienced cut-outs, intermittent blocking and other glitches that show how China's censor system is always watching.

Fight planes, ships, and subs in this exciting arcade style shooter.

Fresh out of high school, Kate knew far less about his reputation than she did his high-profile work.

Her gang is blamed for the suicide of 17-year-old Daniel Perry who leapt to his death in Scotland in August 2013 after being told by his online tormentors he would be 'better off dead'.

Speaking in a squalid Philippines prison cell, Caparas revealed that her gang of 'chatters' trawl Facebook for victims, sending men flirtatious messages before asking them to go 'somewhere private'.

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You made one month’s worth of ‘Entertainment Fund (유흥비)’ from IEM.” The word used, “유흥,” has roots as a word that means entertainment or enjoyment, but in a modern context has morphed into a term related to sex, including prostitution.