Red lips dating

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We're going to break down why ladies, who rock these “in-your-face” lipsticks, win at life and make for far superior lovers.

Anyone who has ever ventured into the world of youth-infested nightlife has bared witness to the overabundance of girls wearing their desperation directly on the skin-tight sleeves of their polyester bodycon dresses. The girl in the red lipstick quite frankly doesn't give two sh*ts if she makes out with anyone at all.

There’s a vulnerability and sensitivity to your approach but with the right partner, you're willing to bare your soul and wear your heart on your sleeve." "You have a no-nonsense approach, don’t want to play games or get off on the wrong foot.

I find it so entertaining to hear what your everyday guy thinks about trends that women actually wear.

But we sometimes wonder if the men in our lives are as jazzed about the bold face paint as we are.

A 2012 study found that waitresses who wore lipstick got higher tips from men, and scientific research from 2010 found that women wearing red lipstick received the "most prolonged gazes" from men.

"With its undertones of purple, you’ve gone for a regal hue that conveys an image of sophistication and uniqueness.

This shade also suggests enlightenment and creativity, so you’re expecting some stimulating conversation, someone out of the ordinary, and your date had better deliver." "Pink is the color of innocence, but you’ve added some heat too, signaling a mixed message of approach-avoidance.

red (I wouldn't dare be so unimaginative) — I'm referring to the myriad of colors that fall into the unapologetically BOLD category.

Your version of the “red lip” can be an intimidating, ever-luxurious purple, to a sexy velvet-textured crimson, to a berry so deep it reads almost black when lit by the soft glow of candlelight.

For the purposes of keeping it simple, all of the aforementioned colors will reside under the umbrella of RED, whilst in the duration of this article.

You want to be noticed, know where you are going and may be in a hurry to get there.

You're willing to have fun and just see where it goes." "You want to be taken seriously, have nothing to hide and a lot to give.

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