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Sedating your baby for flight

Effective immediately, all WHF flight operations will be temorarily suspended until further notice.Also, the Warbird Heritage Foundation is cancelling the airshow appearances of all of our aircraft for the remainder of the 2017 airshow season.The circumstances around the 18 deaths were not clear, Yin said.

But still, how far would you go to make your child sleep on a plane?Boschung is against using any medication for the sole purpose of knocking a kid out on a flight, though she told , “I did mention that parents might consider using a decongestant for taking off and landing, in order to help unclog their child’s sinuses, thereby minimizing discomfort from changes in altitude—but first to consult with their family doctor.One of the side effects of decongestants is they may make children drowsy and I joked that on a long flight this may have an unintentionally positive benefit.” Attending the lunch hour workshop in July was Sheila Thornton, a research scientist at UBC’s faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, because “I have a three-year-old son and my husband is Brazilian so we foresee a lot of travel in the future.” Also in attendance was her colleague, research scientist Dr.Our heartfelt condolences go out to Vlado's family and friends and to the family and friends of the passenger aboard "Baby Duck".In order to expand our aircraft collection to cover the World War I era, the Warbird Heritage Foundation is building a full size reproduction of a Nieuport 28 Fighter Aircraft!! For additional information on the aircraft, and to follow along with the progress of the construction, click An article covering the WHF Corsair restoration project has been published on the EAA Historical and Inspirational website!

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Boschung came with a list of tips for handling kids on the ground and in the air. “Dress even teenagers in really bright clothing like fluorescent pink,” she told the group.

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