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Sxce fat

At this time, the problem of those programs is that they use specific “tricks” for each distribution to build a menu that will load directly the Linux kernel.

It’s not as simple as dropping your ISOs in a folder: you have to use the software to build the multiboot usb key.

After some research I found several posts saying that generic ISO chainloading is very hard (p1 p2).

I found solutions like YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer (windows) or Multi System.

En effet, les candidoses sont très présentes naturellement en petite quantité dans le vagin.Après avoir fait l'amour, on peut avoir envie de s'endormir tranquillement.Pourtant, il est bon, avant de se laisser aller au sommeil, de prendre quelques petites précautions qui contribueront au bien-être des deux amants...on the other hand SXCE is very nice, it can be installed in a zfs filesystem, has updated libraries and you can use SFE (spec-file-extra) to get a lot of other updated programs...sxce has always been stable for me, but i do not run a server, so i do not know how much it can be stable under heavy stress, they say to use solaris in production environment.

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and another problem for me is that you cannot install the system under a zfs partition.

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