Updating the twenty year old dot helmet standard 18 and 25 year old dating

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In this class, we will dive into the world of motorcycle head protection and learn about the testing methods and standards that are used to rate modern motorcycle helmets.

Buying a helmet may make you wonder about the various helmet safety certifications and changes that go into effect in May 2013 for the DOT helmet standard may make you wonder even more.

Particular attention is addressed to the development and central issues of methods for testing helmet performance in impact.

The basis for any protective device is two-fold: there must be the perception of risk and there must also be the perception that the device somehow attenuates that risk.

We take for granted the virtual cornucopia of helmet styles, materials, colors, shapes and sizes that are instantly available to the modern motorcyclist, but in the early days of motorcycling, a century ago, options were a bit more limited.

The first helmets were made of leather and kind of resembled upside down cowhide diapers. These helmets were so effective that many board track racers lived through several races!

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I was really surprised to find that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends every three years, because they don’t sell or promote helmet brands.

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